Sunday, 30 November 2008

Drivers License

No driver's license for 100 categories of UAE workers

Residents belonging to up to 100 categories will not be given licences (Since last week this rule has come in place). These include nurses, cooks, carpenters, housemaids, watchmen, tailors, cafeteria waiters, unskilled labourers, gardeners and bakers.

Saturday, 29 November 2008

Abu Dhabi


There is a new speed radar on abu dhabi - Dubai highway near the area where construction is going on and believe me the radar clicks at the speed limit .... so if you see 80 kmph stay at that level only don't push your luck.

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Traffic Fines

Anyone who has tried to find sharjah police office location will agree with me that its a pain to find the exact spot, well here are the co-ordinates which can be used with any GPS or Google Earth to find the exact spot where you need be.

Latitude : 25°21'29.26"N
Longitude : 55°26'37.37"E

Note : Don't forget to take a passport copy

Visit Visa - SATA

After the changes made by Dubai Naturalization and Residency Department expatriates can no long sponsor visit visas for non-relatives.

There is an alternative in Sharjah Airport Travel Agency where you can apply for a visit visa which will be valid for 90 days below are the details

Documents Needed :
Passport copy of the Sponsor
Passport copy of the person you want to apply for visa
2 passport size photos of both

2000 AED Deposit
1550 AED for Visa and Insurance
700 AED advance to SATA for the air ticket (you will need to purchase air ticket from them only)

More information can be found at their web address

Shopping Malls - Dubai Mall

Shopping Malls - Dubai has lots of shopping malls "Mall of Emirates", "Deira City Centre", "Ibn Batuta", "Bur Juman", "Mercato" to name a few.

But the spotlight right now is on Dubai Mall which opened early this month. For record its in Guinness Book of records for the largest aquarium in the world.

Dubai - An Opportunity

Dubai City of Gold, Dubai Tourism Hot spot, Dubai Link for West and East. You can call Dubai many names but what Dubai is ... is an opportunity, I have not met anyone who has come to Dubai and has left empty handed.

Yes wherever in the world you are you will find something not to your liking here as well people point to things they don't like. But I ask why they do not leave and still live here, well I don't need an answer cause, the answer is in one way or another they are happy with what they have found here.

I have created this Blog as a guide to all there is in Dubai, i will be updating the blog with all nessary information needed to stay in Dubai, enjoy in Dubai, making a living in Dubai.