Thursday, 27 November 2008

Visit Visa - SATA

After the changes made by Dubai Naturalization and Residency Department expatriates can no long sponsor visit visas for non-relatives.

There is an alternative in Sharjah Airport Travel Agency where you can apply for a visit visa which will be valid for 90 days below are the details

Documents Needed :
Passport copy of the Sponsor
Passport copy of the person you want to apply for visa
2 passport size photos of both

2000 AED Deposit
1550 AED for Visa and Insurance
700 AED advance to SATA for the air ticket (you will need to purchase air ticket from them only)

More information can be found at their web address


  1. I have been applied visit visa for 90 days on dated 09/04/2012 (April 9, 2012), but still pending and i have not recieved yet any message from SATA about the current status, when I calling to SATA about the status, they replied you will be informed when visa come.
    so please let me how much we have to wait? please reply me on my email ID as in below

  2. wait until april 2013

  3. the deposited amount vill be returned after wards ?

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  5. how much total charges for visit visa for family include ticket with sata charges