Saturday, 28 March 2009

Rain & Traffic

Its been raining in Dubai for the past 3 days and as always traffic is well slow to say the least and as always rain spells accidents in Dubai.

Now that we have the situation, lets talk about the best route to take if you are traveling from Sharjah to Dubai during rush hour. There are four routes you can take

1. Shindagha Tunnel
2. Garhoud Bridge
3. Via Buisness Bay
4. Emirates Road
5. Floating Bridge

No. 1 is a not a good option as you will have to wade thru all the traffic which opts for Garhoud before branching towards the Dubai Hospital, Deira road and then Shindagha is only a three lane opening to New Dubai.

Garhoud Bridge is a good option then again the traffic which goes thru Garhoud is common with the Makhtoum and Floating Bridge commuters which makes the task of actually reaching Garhoud a tough task

Emirates Road is a good option if you can spare the one and half hour which takes to cross the Al-nahda traffic to reach the point then again its unpredictable when Emirates Road will be jammed cause of accidents.

The best route I feel is the Buisness Bay its the shortest route to reach Sheik Zayed Road (Shorter route already cuts down on the time taken to travel with or without traffic) and it feels the best as there it is isolated from other routes and there is no common roads linking to it.

So I give the thumbs up to Buisness Bay, try and let me know your comments.

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